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In the early stages of a business, taking a loan can be an indication of bleak future and bankruptcy. Mostly, start-ups prefer to raise finance through equity which is more stable than taking a loan. However, it cannot be denied that debt is also an...

By Neha Agarwal June 01, 2017
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CO-FOUNDERS’ AGREEMENT: Important clauses to be taken into consideration

You have conceived a million dollar idea for your start up or you may have nascent inkling to start a new business with your buddies.

Sooner or later there will come up a need to draft a co-founders agreement.



By Neha Agarwal May 13, 2017
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Essential clauses for investors

An investors’ obvious commercial intent would be to ensure that he gains from his investment. He wants to maximize his returns and minimize the obstacles. For that, he will ensure to insert certain mechanisms that will work in favor of him so that he can get his...

By Neha Agarwal March 27, 2017
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An options clause in the Share Holders’ Agreement- which defines the rights and obligations of the shareholders- is the one in which the investor has the option to either ‘call’ or ‘put’ the equities on the table. This...

By Neha Agarwal August 28, 2016
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A generalized definition of cybercrime may be “any illegal activity or unlawful act wherein the computer is either a weapon or target or both”. The computer may be used as a weapon in activities like financial crimes like credit card frauds, EFT frauds, sale of illegal articles (like Narcotics,...

By Neha Agarwal June 27, 2016
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Afreen Rehman, 25 years old, was divorced just after a few months of her marriage.

Shaira Bano, 35 years old, received a talaqnama from her husband which ended her 15 years long marriage.

Both were divorced via speed post. However, Afreen Rehnman and Shaira bano are not the only two ‘victims’ of...

By Neha Agarwal June 24, 2016
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The concept of taking care and being a reasonable person before entering into an agreement or doing a transaction with another party is called Due Diligence.‘Due’ means sufficient and ‘diligence’ means ‘persistent effort to work’. Due diligence is a way of averting harm to either party involved...

By Neha Agarwal June 24, 2016