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senior citizens rights ,   old age ,   health benefit ,   travel benefit ,   reverse mortgage ,   Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act ,   2007 ,   Constitution of India ,   Directive Principle of State Policy ,   Article 41 ,   Code of Criminal Procedure (Chapter IX) ,   Section 125(1)(2) ,   Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act ,   1956 Section ,   loneliness and old age

“Growing Old"is a natural process that every human undergoes in one’s lifetime. It basically refers to the decline in the functional capacity that occurs due to physiological transformation. Senior citizens are an asset to a society with their pool of varied experiences, ideas, knowledge and...

By Anshul Ranga September 11, 2015
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information technology act ,   privacy ,   mobile app ,   right to privacy ,   Article 21 of Indian Constitution ,   the Privacy Act (1974) ,   Open Democracy Act in South Africa (1996) ,   Data Protection Act in England ,   1980 the Guidelines for the Protection of Privacy and Trans border Flow of Personal Data ,   Edward Snowden ,   facebook and privacy ,   Viber ,   whatsapp

With the release of the first ever Smartphone in 1992[1] (the IBM ‘Simon’) to the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and that of the first ever android Smartphone in 2008[2] (the HTC ‘Dream’), smart phones have rapidly emerged to become our preferred method of communication. The advent of Smartphone...

By Atisha Sisodiya August 09, 2015
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juveniles in conflict with law ,   juvenile offenders ,   rape ,   nirbhaya case ,   JJ Act ,   mens rea ,   16 years ,   18 years

"There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children"-Nelson Mandela


It is a worldwide phenomenon that crime and criminal activities are on the rise. Increasingly, more youths are involved in acts of criminality, delinquent, and...

By Suraj Singh March 30, 2015