Lawfarm Score

What is Lawfarm score?

Our Lawfarm score is a special curated scoring system for lawyers on our platform. The lowest possible Lawfarm score is 0 and the highest possible Lawfarm score is 10.

How do I increase my Lawfarm score?

First, you have to be a lawyer and a member of Lawfarm. If you are not a registered member nor a lawyer, the Lawfarm score does not apply to you (unless you wish to browse lawyers and their Lawfarm scores, of course!). The Lawfarm score is premised on various parameters. Lawyers can build upon their Lawfamr scores through the following:

a) verifying their profile with Lawfarm;
b) being active on Lawfarm by answering legal queries or contributing blogposts
c) having good reviews from clients

There are also other factors which we look while reviewing your profile in order to determine our Lawfarm score, so do be thorough when you fill up your information at the registration page! Improving your Lawfarm score puts you higher in our directory ranking, so do get started on building your personal profile!

Why should I improve my Lawfarm score?

The directory system on Lawfarm is specially designed to showcase lawyer members’ individual Lawfarm scores. While these Lawfarm scores do not comprise our endorsement or advertisement of any specific lawyer’s services, they are nonetheless a reflection of how well we think you have built your profile on Lawfarm based on their legal credentials.

Lawfarm scores also help our audience differentiate between lawyers, both in the directory and when many lawyers respond to their queries. In such instances, when you have a higher Lawfarm score, you will have a larger footprint on our website. Naturally, the higher your Lawfarm score, the better the reception and feedback you will receive from our users!