Akash Kumar
Asked January 24, 2017

Accident Claim against me

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some one claiming on my vehicle about accident but in actual my vehicle at other place then how i procced for this case.

Answer 1

The person who brings the petition for compensation, must show that the other party (you, here) was negligent. For a person to be legally responsible for his action, it is essential to have evidence that he is at fault. Negligence ordinarily means either not doing something which a reasonable man would or should do, or by doing something which a reasonable or prudent man would not do.They have to prove that the accident took place with your vehicle and that you were driving the same rashly and negligently. In such cases the statements of the eye witnesses (if any) to the accident is required to be produced during the trial. If you think there is a possibility that there may be fake witnesses, then you must be prepared to disprove their statements, with evidence and witnesses of your own.

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