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Asked June 26, 2017

Defective Iphone not replaced by the company

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Manufacturing defect Iphone 6S within 20 days of purchase, demanding for new phone. Iphone 6S within 20 days of purchase, I am unable to hear when receiving and dialing a call. Now Apple company is providing only repair, as its a minor repair with a replacement of component. My concerns are, it is a new phone and its a manufacturing defect therefore I am demanding a replacement with new Iphone 6S. After long discussion with Apple customer support, they accept the inconvenience but they are not ready for replacement of new Iphone. Now I am planning to go to District consumer court as per Consumer Protection Act 1986 to file a case against Apple India Pvt ltd Bangalore. Please advice me, I am eligible to get a new replacement Iphone as per Consumer Protection Act 1986?

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Dear prashanth

First of all whther the phone is under warranty. If yes, then please gor through the warranty policy. Whether it is stated that a phone be replaced if found defective in any manner or can be repaired for defects because it doesnt matter as the warranty period wud continue.

If u still want to proceed in filing a case, then first send a notice to inform them that if they dont comply u will b filing consumer complaint against the company. 

Thereafter u may choose the next step of filing a case 


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It falls under deficiency in service and unfair trade practice. Reach out to a lawyer to file a complaint before consumer forum.






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better you file complaint in District Consumer Court but it is time consuming.

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Check the warranty received with the purchase and try to claim. If that is not feasible then you should file for a consumer case against them by sending a notice describing all details of purchase and defect. Attach the copy of bill and clearly mention in the notice the remedy you are seeking within a stipulated time frame, failing which you will approach the court.

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