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Asked August 19, 2017

Demand by Greater Noida Authority for compensation for farmers

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Greater Noida Authority GNIDA is demanding additional money from home owners in Greater Noida. Allottes who were given property during 2009 to 2014 have to pay this money with 15% interest if there is any delay in payment. The money has been demanded as GNIDA has been instructed to pay additional compensation to the farmers. Is this demand valid? What can the home owners do in this case? Thanks

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There have been multiple instances like this in Noida since a very long time. Many housing socities have formed associations to file a suit before the high Court against GNIDA for transferring the liability affixed on the Authority to the final buyers like you. The Authority has to pay the required compensation to the farmers but penalizing the buyers who had no role to play in acquisition process may not be acceptable. You can file a case against the Authority and demand for a stay for the payment of the additional demand for the time and eventually challenge the levy of these charges on the buyers. 


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For increasing the compensation for the previous landowners, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority had made a similar demand like the one GNIDA has made, to the Jaypee Group. The Jaypee Group filed a case and the Allahabad High Court has granted a stay order which essentially means that Jaypee Group does not have to pay the demanded money for now. This decision was delivered yesterday by the Allahabad High Court.


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