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Asked November 02, 2017

Designate portion of house for commercial purpose

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Can I designate a part or portion of my house for commercial purpose and commercial property? I am from West Bengal, and I want to work as a freelance software developer and graphic designer. I intend to sell my software and services online.

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Dear Sir/madam,

While paying the property tax on the property of your possession and ownership, the rates of the tax differ in case of holding a commercial property or a residential property. Starting or carrying on a commercial activity over a property designated only for residential purpose is prohibited under law. Further, generally what happens and is the ground reality is that an issue arises when your neighbor or any concerned third party makes a written complaint before the authorities – in the form of taking an objection against you carrying on a business activity disturbing them.

However, if all the transactions are taking place strictly on an online interface without causing any sort of disturbances to your neighbours, then there is no specific need to pay commercial tax on the property. Performing a commercial activity of an offline nature causing the establishment of a setup etc. desires clearances or permits from the authorities.


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Yes, you may approach local municipality and give a request letter enclosing blue map of your house, dividing the huse in to two parts, that is one portion to be treated as commercial area and another portion to be treated as residencial area. If you can manage the local authorities, property tax will be fixed accordingly and then you will be free to carry on with your proposed business in software. 

Draft petition/legal notice will be prepared by me on payment of professional nominal fees, you may approach managament of this website for further details.

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