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Asked March 07, 2017


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sir we got married one year before he had filled the case under section 10(vii) and (x). and say that i had affair before marriage that why i did not like him and want that guy only and says that marriage is not consummated even he didnot touch me for past one year but everything is not true i don't have anything like that.we had everything but now he is telling he not touched me like that he don't want to live with me.so plz tell me what i have to do?

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The Indian Penal Code, 1860, has provided with the provision on Cruelty i.e. Section 498A, with the objective to punish the husband or relatives of the husband who subject a woman to harassment or torture. If you’re aggrieved by the conduct of your husband then you have the right to file a complaint under this provision. After relying upon the given facts, the husband by his wilful conduct has subjected you to mental injury by accusing you of adultery. He has also changed his statement by first denying that of not touching you then later accepting of touching you. It is a clear indication that the husband has falsely accused you of adultery as an excuse to leave you which would amount to wilful conduct of cruelty by your husband towards you.  

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