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Excessive work on part of woman

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If women sent to out of station 12 hrs train journey without reservation, to work for collection of grocery items for shop and and single lady work along with labour for loading work also till night 22 hrs so what is the rule for women?

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As per Rule 24 of the Minimum Wages (Central) Rules, 1950, the number of hours which shall constitute a normal working day in the case of an adult shall be 9 hours. Moreover, the working day of an adult worker shall be so arranged (inclusive of intervals for rest, if any) that it shall not spread over more than twelve hours on any day. 

Rule 25 lays down that when a worker works in an employment for more than nine hours on any day or for more than forty-eight hours in any week, he shall in respect of overtime work, be entitled to wages at double the ordinary rate of wages (in the case of any scheduled employment other than agricultural employment).

Hence, in the present case, as the women employees are being over workerd they are entitled to recieve double the ordinary rate of wages and if the employer does not the prescribed wages then the women workers, together, may file an application to the appropriate government under S. 20 (2) of the Minimum Wages Act.

Howver it is importat to note that this option is availbale only to workers who are being paid minimum wages in accordance with this Act as the sole object behind these provisions is to ensure that no worker is exploited without adequate remuneration. Hence, if the women are being adequaltely paid then it is difficult to initiate any charges against the employer as it amounts to voluntary work supplemented with appropriate wages or remuneration.



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