Asked February 21, 2017

Gifting of Property- Legal questions

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Sir/Madem I am having question about our house which as been gifted by mother where the property was self aquared by mother during her services. I am having 3 elder sister and I'm the only son. Here my question is my mother has gifted me without consulting any of there daughter's has one of them are very litigant and in gift deed the trem absolutely owner is used. that means do I have even right sell the property without consulting my 3 elder sisters or without there signature or there permission. I want know and my mother is live she 68 in this age what she has done gift with her own will it holds good are not. For doing gift is there any age limitations?

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Yes you do have the right sell the property without consulting your three elder sisters or without their signature or permission. There is no need for permissions or signatures when the property is self acquired and which is given by way of gift to you. Consultation may be required only when the property is coparcenary (When the property is undivided and you and your sisters have equal share in it) as per section 6 of the Hindu Succession( Amendment) Act, 2005.  

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