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Asked November 01, 2017

Harassed by fiancee's brother

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My fiancee has a family friend who is like a brother to her. She has only sisters and no brothers in her family, so he has attachment to this person. My self and my fiancee are in love and there are many problems in their house due to this. Now her family is ok with the marriage. This brother is causing confusion now by repeatedly calling her and asking her not to marry me. He asks her to marry whoever her parents select and be in her native as when we are married we would move to a different city/state due to my job nature. He is married and has two kids. This person is also stalking her these days and threatening her of committing suicide. She is scared whether she will be arrested as she is getting 20-30 calls a day. She does not pick up the calls however is worried. He is a chain smoker and drunkard has quit is job. I am not sure whether to file a compliant as i don't want to complicate things before our marriage.

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Dear Client, 

Calling 20 to 30 times a day to a girl witjout her consent, it is serious nature of crime under IT Act. You should lodge an FIR  immidiately before getting too late. 

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Dear Sir/madam,

There are no strong grounds available to you for filing a complaint against him. Also no such evidences or a written proof of him doing all this against you. Therefore, a simple solution of submitting an application in the nature of a prior intimation of happening any such wrongdoing (committing suicide or hurting someone) or a mishappening before the police department can be the right step in this problem. Do remember to take an acknowledgement by the concerned police officer, on the duplicate copy of the intimation letter. The impact of this letter will absolve you from any negative event that happens in near future, and thereafter your name will not be dragged to the court or other concerned authority.

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You can take action by lodging complaint, if your fiancée is also disturb n ready to co-operate with you than she can file complaint u/s 354 of INDIAN Penal Code.

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You need not file any complaint which will complicate the issue as you send.

It is wise to get marry as early as possible and get it registered there after all your problems will automatically solved.

Draft petition/legal notice will be prepared by me on payment of professional nominal fees, you may approach managament of this website for further details. 

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