Richard Doss
Asked December 21, 2016

How to get my money back

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I payed 1 lakh in a center for job + course .....they said that thy will arrange job within 4 months but now they said they will take 7-8 months so I discontinued my classes within 2 months how can I get my money back pls suggest me some legal procedure

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Consult an advocate with all the relevant documents to file a consumer complaint 

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Dear Sir,

If you have proof/evidence of payment of fees then you can file recovery complaint in Consumer Court aginst them.


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Adv. Hemangi Pathare,


If you have proofs to show the payments, you can file consumer complaint.

Thank you.


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In this case centre of Job+ is providing the service and paying 1 lakh to them will make you

consumer by availing the service and if they are not providing you job in four months then it will

come under deficiency of service, where “Deficiency” according to the Consumer protection

Act, which means any fault or shortcoming in the quality of services which was to be provided as

promised in the contract.

Here, the receipt of the money paid and a copy of the contract with the signatures will

constitute a valid contract. You can file copies of your contracts as evidence in the court. You

can approach the District consumer forum claiming there has been the deficiency in service since

they promised you a job in four months and now they are promising to provide in 8 months. So

here you will be entitled to recover your amount with the compensation as the court may think

fit. As once the fourth month has lapsed and if you’re not being provided with the job then you

can get relief under Indian Contract Act also for the breach of contract. The legal procedure

would be under the consumer protection Act since the amount is 1 lakh then it can be filed under

District consumer forum and by following the format given under Civil procedure Code

complaint can be filed by you as well.


Jayant Garg

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Dear Sir, 

Rather than going to Consumer court, i would prima facie suggest you to go for civil suit for the very reason of National Consumer Forum has settled law that a student cannot b a consumer.. U can refer to judgment of Bihar School Board for a better clarity..

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