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Does a building permit from ghmc mean that the layout is also regularised. Does ghmc also check the land credentials when it gives the permission to construct a building . I am asking this because when we apply for a building permit , they also ask for the land docs and link docs. I am planning to buy a flat which has got ghmc occupation certificate . But the builder does not have a layout regularisation certificate from ghmc. When I asked him about it he told me that ghmc collects the layout charges also when we apply for building permit and once building permit is given along with occupation certificate , then the building with the layout can be deemed legal . Is this correct ? The builder has got the bank approvals from major banks like sbi hdfc icici etc. Can I go ahead with the flat ? Please advice if I can go ahead with flat. What would be the worst case if the layout is not regularised after giving the ghmc occupency certificate . Can the ghmc collapse the building ?

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There is nothing mentioned on the website of GHMC indicating that Building permit also means regularization of the layout. Infact there is a specific page dedicated for seeking application for approval of layout -

It is advised that you must get in touch with a local lawyer to seek clarity on the process of regularization of the layout. The fact that numerous banks have granted approval for laons is not enough to show that the builer is correct to continue the process. In most cases, the municipalities avoid demolishing the entire property but they can charge a massive penalty for not getting the layout approved.

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