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Landlord causing mental agony

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I had taken house on rent of rs 7000 and I shifted to this house on june 2016. Before taking this house land lord told me that water and electricity will be provided 24 hours. This house roof is very short and at the time of taking house I informed that my wife is pregnant so I need to install in this house. Landlord promised that I will do make available necessary arrangement like electric point etc. But now its 28 days over and neither they have done anything for water after many complaints. Whenever me and my wife approached , they are replying if you are not comfortable please vacate this house. I bought ac and they thread me that I will not allow you to install ac. They abused me in very filthy language. In rent agreement they have increased 15%rent after 11 month. Please suggest what I neee to do? Me and my pregnant wife is facing mental agony due to misbehavior of my land lord.

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 I would advise you to send a legal notice to your landlord for fulfillment of promises made by him. In case he fails to do so you can sue him in the consumer court for breach of contract and mental harassment.


You can directly approach the district consumer court and file the complaint against your landlord

The procedure adopted by the district forum is

a. The district forum refers the complaint to the other party for their reply which should be done within 30 days or extra 15 days with the permission of the court 

b. If the opposite party in their reply denies the allegations charged and shows evidence, the court proceeds to settle the dispute 

c. If the other party doesn’t respond within the time given, the court will decide the case on the basis of the evidences brought by the complaining party.


You can also take the help of NGOs such as Complaint Redressal forum.This organisation deals individually with each complaint submitted to the website and redressal is provided to the each complaint.

This is the procedure they adopt:

1. The notice through email is sent to the service provider.

2. If the service provider does not respond to the notice a Legal Notice through a lawyer is sent to the Service Provider.

3. If the service provider chooses not to act on the Legal Notice they file consumer complaint in the Consumer Forum.

For further queries you can write to them at or call at their Consumer Helpline Number 09910532073. You can submit your Complaint here. Their Consumer Helpline No.: 7065760003

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