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Asked October 04, 2016

Legal queries on sale of property

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Hello, sir i am sugam mahatma. I am a 1st year law student. Few months ago my uncle sell their property to someone. The contract between them is they'll pay the amount in installment and in contract there is discussion about furniture so according to law what they can remove from their house like can they remove doors or not because they are very costly? And the party decided to do registry on 20th October what happen if the registry don't take place on decided date? And we belong to hindu family.

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We will need more details. What exactly is the "discussion about furniture"? Also, in the sentence "what they can remove from their house", who is "they"? Is that your uncle, or the party to whom the property is being sold?


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    Sugam Mahatma
    They means my uncle, who sold the property can they remove wardrobe wooden shelf etc.
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This will depend on the words and terms in the sale deed/contract. Usually, the deed will mention something like "fixtures and fittings" which are included as a part of the property sold, and thus cannot be removed. If they have not been mentioned, their removal can be done in sucha a way that the value of the property is not diminished by such removal (otherwise this could become a point of contention raised by the buyer).

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