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licence for Liquor store

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Hi, i was thinking of opening a liquor store in navi mumbai. It requires CL3 and FL2 license. But i heard that government of maharashtra does not issue any new license since 1974. How to i apply one

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You have to take license of other person who already desire to close their shops and ready to transfer said license in your name..



Else you have to apply with exice ministry for same.

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The state government of Maharashtra under the Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949 had banned both consumption as well as sale of liquor in the state. However, with the amendment Act of 1953, procurement of foreign liquor was allowed. In the year of 1974, the state government issued licences for production and distribution of potable liquor (1613 IMFL and 3,975 retail (shops) country liquor licences were issued. Mumbai was issued 492 IMFL and 350 country liquor shop licences). After which the state government decided not to issue any such further license either for sale or distribution of liquor.

The following being the policy of the state, nothing much can be done in the matter as the said policy has been under some severe criticism due to the fact that large amount of potable liquor is being smuggled from Goa as the rate of procurement is half to that of Maharashtra itself.

Hence, in the present case of yours, you cannot open a new liquor shop as it is against the government policy. However you may file a case against the same in the court against the said policy as it resulting in smuggling of liquor for which the state government must take proper measures.

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