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Asked July 24, 2017

Marriage between major girl and minor boy

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Hi, I would like to ask a question regarding my friend's brother's case. He is 20 years and 9 months old but the girl is 20 years old so boy is (20) minor and girl is major to do marriage, that girl parents filed a case and saying that boy forced that girl and tried to kidnap her. But police men not even saying a word. Is anything wrong going to happen to my friend's brother??

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First of all Both are Major, No one is MINOR in this Case.

Your Friend is not of the age of Marriage, because For Boys it is 21 years in India.

Secondly, Please Let us know that they both are Married or Not.

Thirdly, Kidnapping Charge is an usual Charge which is Filled by Every Parent.

Not to worry, Kidnapping Charge cant work in this Case if the Girl says that she moves out from the House with her Consent and not because of any presssure from the Boy.

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Sir, the Child Marriage Prohibition Act 2006 under Section 3 says that a child marriage is voidable at the consent of either party who was a child during marriage only if they file a petition to annul the marriage within two years of them attaining majority. Therefore, as the girl is already 2 years into majority and no complaint/petition is filed by her and the boy is also almost of age of majority, the police is not taking any action and allowing the marriage to go on.

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