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marriage certificate

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We are marrying against our parents wish, can our parents extract information of the witness who signed in the marriage certificate.

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Saumya Kumar
Your parents can file for a RTI to procure your marriage certificate from the Registrar of Marriage where your marriage is registered. The Public Information Officer has the power to reject such an RTI on the ground that the information is with respect to a third party. He may seek your permission to disclose the personal information. In such a situation , the applicants mostly file an appeal where the decision of the PIO will be examined by her higher authority. In the appeal you may be asked to justify the reason on which you intend to restrict the disclosure of the information. The disclosure of third party information is restricted only in the possible scenario where a larger public interest may be effected by the disclosure. In the situation described by you, it seems quite improbable that the PIO will consider that a larger public interest will be harmed by disclosing the details of the marriage certificate. Therefore , it is quite possible that your parents may procure the marriage certificate and get the name of the witnesses.
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