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Asked October 04, 2021

Municipal Charges on the residential property

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The municipal corporation has generated two assessment nos for my single residential property in Mumbai. The corporation, a few years ago, hand delivered a demand notice with another number and intimidated us into paying up within 2 days. The notice bore the name of one of the earlier owners but no address. Both the assessment nos are similar differing by just a digit. When this was brought to the corporation's notice, asking them to give us a single number, and adjust all payments made earlier to both the nos to this number, they dragged it for 5 years asking us not to make any payments till the issue was sorted out. Now the assessment figure has ballooned to a very large amount because of penalties. No one wants to now admit that I was advised to wait till the matter was sorted out. Further, they say they will cancel one of the nos, and we will have to say goodbye to the payment (a substantial amount) made on one of the nos. Everything was regular and smooth till the corporation hand-delivered that demand notice. The corporation generated a duplicate number, they hand delivered it and made us pay and now say we will not get that money back. How do I get my money back if the corporation refuses to make any adjustment?

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If the municipal corporation is refusing to cooperate and to make the necessary adjustments, you will have to take legal steps to get them to do so. You can file a complaint with the District Magistrate or the CMO office. Also, your state might have a portal to file your grievances and complaints. Alternatively, you can file a case at a court due to the fact that municipal corporation come under the ambit of 'state' according to Article 12. 

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