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I retired from Government Service in 2018 June. My Pension is being denied by my Head of the Institution. He made adverse remarks in my Pension papers stating that disciplinary proceedings are still pending against me. Facts of the case are as follows 1. No Charge Sheet was issued to me during my employment in service. To my Understanding, formal disciplinary proceedings commences only when i am served with a Charge Sheet and the inquiry conducted so far may be treated as Preliminary or fact finding inquiry. Hence the action of the Head of the Institution is completely wrong. 2. Now, the allegations raised against me relates to year 2009, and was raised by the Head of the Institution who had a personal grudge against me. The Inquiries started from 2012 onwards and continued till my retirement from service. Three Inquiry Committees were set-up, but none of the Allegations were proved and the Inquiry report was rejected by the Government thrice for want of evidence. 3. What should be my future course of action. Should I approach the governemt or go to courts.... When shall i receive my pension. 4. Can i go file a case against my Head of the Institution and on what grounds. He has in every time tried to harass me. In this case his report to the government was rejected and still he arbitrarily trying to deny me pension by writing adverse comments against me. Kindly advise

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