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I found a job of form filling named KVP solutions., by message without any investment, so i applied by giving my aadhar card and then they gave me an otp to verify that was me who applied for the form filling job and for virtual sign on an agreement , and then they send me an agreement through mail. in agreement it was written that i got 1500 forms which i have to submit within 10 days with 90 % accuracy rate or minimum 1350 correct forms and also if i somehow i failed to submit or failed to reach the minimum accuracy rate which is 90% then i have to pay 4990 Rs to the company. I had done their work by filling all 1500 form within given time then it take 2 days for QC report and after 2 days i got a mail that i am failed in QC report as my accuracy rate is below 90%. As i have the screenshot of all the forms that i had filled and submitted i found that they were cheated to me, they edited my most of the forms about 200. Which i filled them correctly. When i matched them with my screenshots. I feel very bad at that time that my all hardwork and patience gone wrong. And then the lawyer of the company demand me for compensation of 4990 . I denied them then he sent me a pdf named legal notice which demands me 25590 rs. I have all the screenshots of my forms

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File a case against them for cheating u/s 420 of IPC.

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