Vijaya Kumar
Asked May 25, 2019

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Sir, I want to purchase BDA property. My seller is having only absolute sale deed registered at SRO Jayanagar. He does not have allotment letter, Lease cum sale agreement, and position certificate. But at BDA records show allotment letter , LCSA and PC. Surprisingly BDA does not have Absolute sale deed. EC took at SRO Jayanagar shows entry of both LCSA and Absolute sale deed. Whom I have to contact BDA or SRO Jayanagar under RTI to check legality of absolute sale deed and provide NOC for purchase transaction. Can I purchase the property based on certified copy issued by SRO Jayanagar or BDA.

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Dear Sir,

Please show all your documents to me and get concrete legal advise otherwise you will be put into trouble if your vendor is not having absolute title to the property.

For full procedure contact me on mobile through the Administrators of this Website.

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