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I got married 30 years before educated my huband only son and 4 father in law passed 30 years after my married.....arranged married still like typical in laws was blame as my father in law passed because of my married ...l was not allowed for any relationship with my and sacrificed every thing for the house and marriage of 3 sisters and supporting mother. Monthly expence medical expences all social relationships etc..all my marriage gifts inculing 60 tolas of gold was all with my mother in law and sisters in law at 53 years of age my mother in law 2 years back.....all property document locker in my name is also with my sister in law can we be terms of rights to equality.......if daughter are given equal rights to property i heritence .....for 30 years it only son was supporting all lavish lifestytle of nauker chakar parlour expences ...movies ...branded clothes etc....... Ye kaha ka nyay he ke bete jo kare vi sab uska dharm hai......aur jab apne maa bahen ke dharm me kabhi apni patni aur bacho ka nahi socha ...uski patni bhi apne maa baap ka ghar chhod kar ati he ....apne pati ko ha se hamilate uski patni aur bachho ko kya nyay nila...... Amre jase kai beta aur bahu hogi jo is tarah se mar rahe he .....un ke bache bhi to tana marte he ..... Ab amare bete aur bahu pehle se practical rahenge ke apki beti se bhi kuchh mango ....rights to equality me ek sab se bada nyay lagta he Ye jin par bitata he unhe pata hai ...50 ki umar me ab kya kare ...apna to bigda par ....aage apne bachhe tana marte ....he ki ap ne murkhta ki hum nahi karenge Aap sab se amari binti hai ki is samaj ke sathe .....koi rasts batavo Agar hame nyany na mile to koi nahi......lekin jo unpadh he jinke pass koi paisa nai case ke liye wo kya karenge.... Rights to equlity me beta ka rista khatam hota jayega.....beta pehle se hi dhyan me rakhe ga ki batwara ke samay to betiua shadi se hi beti ke upar bhar chhodega.....

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Law does not get impressed by filmi dialogues as stated by you in last 20 lines. As per law you can claim your articles. It was you who had handed over all your articles including your locker to your sister in law. Law help those who seek help from law. Have you ever sought help from law. So stop blaming law for your faults and miseries which were caused by your act and deeds. Maintaining sister or parents does not refrain them from claiming their rights. Take help of a competent lawyer and proceed in accordance with law. 

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