Anupreet Kaur
Asked February 26, 2020

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I am a 33 yr old sikh girl married in punjab in sep 2016, we have 2 children together. My mother in law has been disturbing our marital life since the beginning of marriage. Situation now is that i have left my job and my daughter has left her school, we have come to my parental house in Delhi. My husband was told at his home that no need for me and my children to enter that house and we should live outside somewhere. But my husband is not ready to separate from his parents and in turn asks me to search a job here in Delhi and settle here with my children.i had not been working for the past 2 years coz of kids and i have no bank balance left. Husband is not ready to support us even if we shift back on a rental house and i resume my job there in punjab. I m facing extreme anxiety and having suicidal thoughts. My in laws have been harassing me very often like husband even resorts to domestic violence and many times in front of kids. Please help me to maintain this marriage but get away from the torture of my in laws.

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