Asked March 08, 2020

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Me and my brother share our father property equally after our father death we also made registered deed. But due to some technical issue we did not get land records from land department i.e BLLRO so still now we are unable to do mutation of our property. it still had mutation with our fathers name at land department as well as municipality. i have got front portion of property and my brother have got backward portion of the property. Now since it is our anscestral property so i need to repair my front space i.e verandah roof as well as kitchen roof And wall. so i have to compleately demolish my roof and wall. Now since it is not mutation with my name so my brother is saying that he will object my repair at municipality & he will also call police to stop my work. I will like to inform you that he does not have any land infront it is compleately mine and he only has land at backward of my main room where i will not do anything. And the portion i am thinking of doing repair has got record at my deed i.e siteplan at the time of registration so i want to know whether he can object it or not and at a same time i have 100 sqft of vacate land in front of my house which is recorded as vacant land in my deed so can i do latrine there can he object with the help of municipality or by calling police.

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