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Asked November 06, 2017

Re-sale medicine laws

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What is the Indian law on re-sale of medicine by consumer who bought it? Till when can we return the medicines before expiry of drugs? What amount the company is supposed to pay back to retailer if they return the medicines before expiry? And is the retailer supposed to pay the consumer if he returns the medicine within time?

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Dear Sir/madam,

Most of it depends upon the arrangement between the seller and the customer, whether the seller is willing to takeback the sold goods. Also these stipulations form a part of the agreement entered into between the seller and the buyer where the seller (when shipping bulk quantity goods) provides an exemption to the buyer to take back the unsold goods from the buyer within a certain TAT (turn around time), which is generally a time period allotted by the seller at his/her sweet will and choice.

Most of the goods or medicines contain a caption that goods once sold will not be taken back, because these are consumable goods and are hygienic also.

Further under the general principle of “Caveat Emptor” – Buyer Beware, the buyer needs to take care of the quality of the goods they are buyer at the portal before payment only.

Unfortunately, there is no specific law to this effect at present.

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You may appraoch Drug Controller or Inspector of Drugs of your area to know the conditions on this subject. Rarely lawyers come across such cases. 

Draft petitions will be prepared by me on payment of professional nominal fees, you may approach managament of this website for further details.  

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