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Asked July 20, 2021

Recovery of money

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I want to file a legal notice against a person for recovery of money. So how should I file it? Can I do everything myself or should I speak to a lawyer?

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You can file a legal notice yourself, but it is always advisable to hire a lawyer. If you’re doing it yourself, remember that you must have all the essentials of a legal notice. This includes complete details on yourself, a statement of facts that led you to file the notice, what relief you are seeking, and the legal provisions under which you want to seek the said relief. The notice must be addressed to the person who did not pay the money. Under the relief that you are seeking, you are allowed to specify a particular period of time before which you expect action to be taken or the payment to be made. You must then sign the notice and send it through post. Retain a copy for yourself.

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