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Asked December 10, 2017

Right of son over grandfather's property

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Hi, I'm from Vijaywada, I have two sisters, I'm going to get divorced from my wife, my father build one house 20 years back when he was doing job, now he is retired. I have one 7 years old son, now does my Son has right to ask part of my father property ?, does my father has right to give any one.

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Dear friend,

Your fathers self acauried property, he can give away to any body. But your son can restrain it to some extent.

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If it your father's self acquired property, he can enjoying or dispose the property on his his wishes. It is not a ancestral property and nobody has right to claim share on the property. 

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No, your father can give away his property in charity if he so wishes as it is his self acquired property built from his own income. Your son will need to have any right in demand information the same nor do you or your sisters till your father is alive. If your father died intestate then his property will devolve to your mother, sisters and you in equal parts depending. On the succession act of the religion you belong to.

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1. Your son can a file suit restraining your father from alienating the property.

2. Your son claim a share in the said propery.

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If it is self-acquired, then you cannot stake a claim, however, your son has a right to demand share. Being a minor, you can be represented as his guardian to file a suit for partition and possession.



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