Pawan Panwar
Asked March 01, 2017

Rights of Employees

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IT startup company closing operations after 1 month, what should employees do? I am an IT professional working in a startup company in Bengaluru, two days back all employees got an email that the company is stopping operations and will continue to work from Gurgaon after 31st march. Except one employee rest 6 are not willing to go so far due to individual reasons, also company wants us to work continuously in March. What are the employees rights here? As company is not ready to give any extra salary other than March month's and also not giving us required time to find new jobs.

Answer 1

In this case you cannot claim any right unless an until if the company is restricted by some of the contract. Now, if the contract is for the specific months and if company is not fulfilling it then it will be breach of contract under Section 73 of Indian Contract Act, 1872. Therefore, In that case you have right to file a case for such breach.


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