Sandeep Kr Gupta
Asked October 08, 2016

Salary amount deducted

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I have done B.Tech from EN branch. I am working with mickeyfone technology, which is a phone company. At the time of selection they said that they offer 12k per month in hand (no PF or ESI will deduct). But after 1st month I have got only Rs. 8326/. Now they are saying that rest of the payment is submitted in PF/ESI. Please give me advise what to do?

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The legal remedy that can be available to you – will come from the contract and other documents you signed while accepting the offer letter. There they might have expressly mentioned the terms and conditions regarding certain deductions, violation of which will make them liable under the “Breach of Contract”. For such a liability, the statute Indian Contract Act through its section 73 comes to your rescue. It gives you the power to file a civil suit as per the above stated liability.

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