Partha Chatterjee
Asked April 28, 2017

Sister's in laws and husband lied about financial condition

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Hi, My sister got married to a boy back in 2013 but soon after marriage she came to know that he and his family's financial condition is something they had lied about. He and his family had lied about his salary, AMT as well as they also hid the fact that they had huge debts in the market. All of this led to a huge financial crunch which forced my sister to join a job. Despite doing a job she didn't have financial independence and most of her salary was spent on clearing their debts and other lavishness. Almost all of her jewellery was either sold or kept in banks to clear their never ending debts. Additionally mental torture from her in-laws and husband was also there but she kept on adjusting for 3.5 yrs but recently one fine day after another fight where her husband almost hit her...She gave up and called me & I brought her and her 6 months year old baby boy with me. And she is so upset and traumatised that she has planned she won't go back at any cost.Post coming here, her husband has called her and messaged many times but she is sticking to her decision of not going back.Seeing this he has threatened of suicide including sending a suicide note. Despite calming him down..We have a fear now that if he takes such wrong step..His family will make many false accusations and will frame all of us. I just need to know what we can do to avoid such a situation here. Can we file a complaint to police for the same? We don't want police to take any actions but we just want to be on the safer side to avoid suicide abetment charges if he takes any such foolish steps. Lastly, I am going to his place to take back all her belongings like clothes, cosmetics, etc which she needs. They were all either given to her in her marriage or bought by herself. But still I am not sure if I should simply go or take police or any legal notice along with me to avoid any complications like theft charges as I am wondering they might do such things due to the heated situation. Please advice. Thanks, Partha Chatterjee

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Your sister can file a case against her husband and his family under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Under this she can submit evidences and present witnesses to establish her claim. The Magistrate under this Act, can grant appropriat eremedy to your sister protecting her from the mental harassment she is facing.


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