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Asked June 16, 2017

Status of the dispute on employment in Municipality before the Tribunal

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I was appointed orally inthe year 09.01.1988 with council resolation 24.02.1990 on daily wage employee in mancherial municipality the commissioner allotted me the clerikal works like NRY , taxation ,cences ,concil the commissioner terminate the nmr s i approach hon'ble tribunal court issued the directions to the commissioner to re-instate me in to the sevice published the Govt.MA&UD(G1)hyd.issued G.O Rt.the commissioner challenges the orders by approach to hon'ble high court issued the orders dismissed above said petition filed by commissioner directed to implement tribunal orders the c&dma hyd instructed the commissioner issued the proceedings re-instate me allotted works in counter collection (bill collector),pension, SSP incharge ,CO ,enchroachment,LRS/BRS town planning & Govt.shemes further I went administative tribunal APAT at hyd issued the orders that pending disposal O.A grant minimum time scale of pay attatch with regullar post born on the last grade service the commisioner issued proc.implement HRA and stopped not issued the regullar post I waiting 4 years for final orders of APAT resently the hon'ble Supreme Court abonded the APAT issued the directions to approach the tribunal & high court I went to tribunal court for regullar post by filled PLC the commissioner transfered the manager stopped my salary remove nmr s attend register start link for attendence sheet instruct the all sections officers to not give attendence sheet they are not supported me since 4 months I wait for the the new commissioner came and also ask me for attendence sheet .in this regard what can Ido now sir

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When your senior officers were not giving you the attendance sheets to sign, have you made representation in the form of letters to them to allow you to sign the attendance sheets and to start your salaries? If yes, kindly make a representation before the new commissioner attaching all those letters written by you in last four months along with the previous orders which of Learned Tribunal and Hon'ble High Court made in your favour. You can show vide those letters and orders that inspite of your diligent duty you were deprived of your salary and even attendance by the previous commissioner because of his personal vendetta and colorable exercise of his power.

If you haven't made any representation during these four months then you can only substantiate your representation by the orders of various Tribunals and Court, which might also work in proving the fact that you were unnecessarily harassed by the previous commissioner.

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