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Surname change formality

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Hi, I got married 11 years back. We have a marriage certificate. My wife changed her surname from her father's surname to my surname, all of these happened 11 years back, also all documents like PAN, aadhaar, voter's card of hers has her new surname but we have just realized that the name change affidavit that she did before public notary wasn't with any photograph and it was only by her own and wasn't joint. Is this an issue and what is the resolution ?

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Dear Sir/madam,

This doesn’t seem to be a much of an issue. As you have already mentioned that there are certain identification documents issued in her name with a changed surname. All of these are issued after the change in the surname. Generally, as per the format of the Affidavit for change in name after marriage, affixing a joint photograph with the spouse is mentioned as an essential requirement. Therefore, approaching this formally, you can submit an application affirming the same (absence of the photograph) to the state government office of your district. However, there is a rule of Publication as well, a publication saying that so and so has changed her surname to such and such. This is done majorly to invite any objection to this regard, as a final confirmation that no one takes a dispute in the future and is therefore binding.

A link to the format of the above mentioned Form is pasted below, for cross reference.

Further, if you do not want to make an application to the state government office of your district then also there is no problem. There is no issue in the name change certificate that you executed because of 2 reasons :-

  • Had there been a dispute, the authorities would not have issued you the certificate.
  • After the change in surname through the name change affidavit, further identification documents may be applied for (as a pre-requisite). Had your certificate been no up to date, your PAN-aadhaar-voter’s card might not have been issued in the first place.
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