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Transfer of RTC

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Hello, my grandfather had written a will on my mother's name stating that "after my death the particular amount of land should go to his 3rd daughter(i.e my mother). 2 years ago grandfather passed away. Now my mother want to transfer the RTC from grandfather's name to her name. So here I want to ask that do we need all the remaining sons and daughters signature to transfer the RTC? My mother has total 7 siblings. We don't want to go to them for signature. I want to know whether it is possible to transfer the RTC without their signature. ( We have all the legal documents except those 7 people signature) Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Have you carried out mutation of the property? You need to get the transfer of title of property (mutation) done to avoid any legal complications. 

The Procedure for mutation of property and the applicable fees varies from one State to another.

This is the general procedure:

1. Submit an application at local civic body (to Tehsildar) or at revenue office. Provide personal details, property address, registration date, type of transfer (Will, in your case), property particulars etc.,

2. Pay applicable fees through DD.

3. Enclose the following documents along with the application and DDs:

Death Certificate;

Copy of Will or Succession Certificate;

Indemnity bond & Affidavit;

Latest property Tax paid receipt;

Copy of Sale Deed etc.


Once you submit all the required documents, the assessing officer (or) revenue inspector will check the documents, may visit the property and will process the application. Generally they will issue Patta Certificate / Mutation Certificate / Khata Certificate after processing your application.


Thereafter,  you can carry out all transfers and processes related to this land without worrying about the consent of anyone else but the owner of the land.

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