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Partnership ,   Registration ,   Non For Profit Organization

By: - Pragati Sengar

Section 25 companies are created, formed, and intended to achieve charitable goals, and are incorporated not for profit or to make money, but to further certain philanthropic goals. Upon satisfaction of the stipulation mentioned under the Companies Act, 20131 , such a company...

By Lawfarm Team December 06, 2021
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Private equity ,   Private equity firms ,   Corporate law

By Priyasha Sen Gupta

Private equity (PE) is a form of financing in which money, or capital, is invested in a business. Typically, PE investments are made in mature companies in traditional industries in exchange for shares or equity. The PE is an important subset of a larger and more complex...

By Lawfarm Team November 22, 2021
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Vendor Agreement ,   Essentials of a Vendor Agreement

By Simran Kaur


Vendors are an essential part of any company and it's critical to have a strong vendor agreement in place whenone buys goodsor services from vendors. This is because asound vendor agreement clarifies the specifics of a business transaction and can help avoid a plethora...

By Lawfarm Team August 25, 2021
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The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Bill ,   LLP ,   Partnerships

By Nevin Clinton


The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2021 has been the focus of the legal fraternity during the course of the past few weeks. The bill, which was introduced on July 31, 2021, was passed by both the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha by August 9, 2021. Even...

By Lawfarm Team August 19, 2021
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Asset Purchase Agreement ,   APA

By Nevin Clinton

Purchase or sale of assets is a vital part of a plethora of businesses and it is of paramount importance that both parties to such a transaction get fair terms and treatment. Therefore, it is essential that such terms are written down and agreed upon. This is where an asset...

By Lawfarm Team August 17, 2021
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corporate law ,   trademark law ,   competition law ,   copyright law ,   brand ,   trademark ,   intellectual property

By Bhanita Das, Team,

The significance of a Brand name and a trademark has increased manifolds in the current highly competitive markets, nationally and internationally. Let’s look at a comparative overview of both.

In our day-to-day life we often hear the term Trademark...

By Team May 27, 2021
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Digital signature ,   validity ,   legality ,   India

By Achyutha Bharadwaj, Team,

At this time of lockdowns and restrictions, as traditional ways of executing documents is getting more and more difficult, the significance of digital signature increases. Isdigital signature recognizedunder Indian Law? Can all documents be...

By Team May 07, 2021