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Lawfarm is essentially a volunteer organisation run by young lawyers who work together with law students from various law schools from across India to offer quality legal opinions to users, mostly on a pro bono basis. We also offer premium legal services, as per client requirements.

Lawyers looking to partner with us to offer services to clients, please sign up in the “For Lawyers” page. We shall get in touch with you.

Law students or young lawyers wishing to become part of the largest pro bono legal aid movement in India, may email us with their resume and statement of purpose for the following positions:


Member researchers are required to provide cogent legal opinions in as simple language as possible so that our questioners (from non-law background) seeking legal solution do not get intimated by the complicated language of law.

To get on board in the Lawfarm Research Team you should possess:

Good legal research skills
Cogent and concise writing skills
Ability to meet deadlines
We take on volunteers all year through, but for a minimum period of 3 months.

Team Coordinator (Research):

We have three teams, each comprising 7-8 law student-researchers, from various law schools in India. Each team is headed by an Team Coordinator.

The Team Coordinator is expected to have good research, writing and editing skills as well as the ability to mentor our member-researchers improve their writing skills.

Member-Researchers Team Coordinator for “Lawfarm Blog Section”:

We are looking for someone with previous editorial experience to head our Blogs section.

Only law students not below their third year at law school, at least one publication in a journal and some relevant editorial experience are eligible.

Note: Please send in a published work  alongwith the resume and statement of purpose.

LawFarm College Representatives’ Team:

You could be in any law school in the country to apply for this position. The three basic requirements for this position are:

Administrative work experience
Good Public Relations skills
Good communication skills.

Please note:

We do  NOT  offer any Stipend for any of the above positions.