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Termsheet ,   Dividends ,   Liquidation ,   Investor ,   Investment ,   Transaction

There are various types of pre-contractual instruments, a term sheet being one of the types. The term sheet is a document that includes information about the main terms and conditions of a transaction the parties wish to enter into, but such a transaction hasn’t reached the stage of a formal...

By Lawfarm Team December 14, 2021
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Software License Agreement ,   Types of Software License Agreement ,   Essentials of a Software License Agreement

By Nevin Clinton

What is a software license agreement?

A software license agreement is a legal contract that is entered into between the owner or creator of a software and a purchaser (licensee). Since softwares act as services, one cannot ‘sell’ them as such. They will be provided or licensed...

By Lawfarm Team August 12, 2021
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Affidavit ,   Heirship ,   Heir ,   Affidavit of Heirship ,   Transfer Of Property ,   Legal Heir ,   Process of Transfer of Property

By Nevin Team,

An affidavit of heirship is a written statement which verifies that an individual is a legal heir when he dies without leaving behind a will. The affidavit helps in transferring the property of the deceased to the individual named in the document. It...

By Team July 11, 2021
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Contract Law ,   Non-Disclosure Agreement ,   Secrecy ,   Competition Law

Nevin Clinton, Team,

A non-disclosure agreement (hereinafter referred to as NDA) is an agreement where the parties agree to not disclose content or the information in the agreement. Such agreements can be entered into between two companies, individuals, an individual and a...

By Team June 21, 2021
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Force Majeure ,   Contract Law ,   Corporate Law ,   covid-19 ,   lockdown ,   pandemic

BySimran Kaur, Team,

Force Majeure is a term used in contracts that essentially frees both parties from certain obligations and duties when an event that is not under the control of both parties occurs unexpectedly. We never know what may happen tomorrow and to provide...

By Team June 14, 2021
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money owed ,   legal action ,   legal notice ,   limitation period ,   Contracts

Before legal action is taken against a debtor,the claim should be brought to his or her notice to make sure that the debtor is aware of the fact that the debt has not been paid back. A letter should be sent to the debtor containing important details and specifics. This should include information...

By Anina D'cunha July 18, 2016
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sale of property ,   encumbrance certificate ,   municipal permits ,   sale deed ,   how to sell a flat ,   encumberance certificat

Every owner of a property has three basic rights in his property which are, firstly, the right of ownership which means that he has the title to the property, secondly, that he has the exclusive right to possess and enjoy the property in any lawful manner he wishes and thirdly, he has the...

By Aditya Marwah February 18, 2015