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Tourist visa to permanent residency in india

I'm a holder of a tourist visa who has come to India. Now, if I want to get married and settle down in India, how should I proceed with regard to visas. Should I convert the tourist visa into some other visa?

  • 0 Answers
Asked at October 25, 2021
Registration of marriage by an OCI cardholder

I am Overseas citizen of India (OCI) card holder and Muslim (Islam). I want to do legal/registered second marriage in India, will it be possible?

  • 1 Answer
Default avatar Lawfarm Team
last answered about 1 year ago
Red Alert Passport

There is criminal rape case on victim and he escaped to dubai. Did police able to get him back, if i provided the passport id to them. And what is passport red alert. What will happen if police does that on some1 passport id. Will tht guy send back to india?

  • 0 Answers
Asked at January 17, 2018
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