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Labour Law ,   Employment Law ,   Employee ,   Employer ,   Employment Contract

Nevin Clinton, Team,

An employment policy is a key aspect of any business or company and also one of the most vital ones. It helps increase the understanding betweenthe employer andthe employee and establishes the nature of the relationship between the two. There can be...

By Team June 21, 2021
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Labour law ,   labour code ,   employment ,   compensation ,   remuneration ,   wage

Written by Adil Zawahir, Team, .

A sea change is expected to occur in the labour policies and compensation structure of all the businesses, be it small or big. Here is an overview of the impact of the Labour Codes on employers and employees. For any assistance in coping with...

By Team April 08, 2021
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Industrial Disputes Act ,   1947 ,   Payment of Wages Act ,   1936 ,   Workmen’s Compensation Act ,   1923 ,   Employees State Insurance Act ,   1948 ,   Employees Provident Fund Act ,   Factories Act ,   Maternity Benefit Act ,   1961 ,   Gratuity Act ,   1972 ,   Payment of Bonus Act ,   1965 ,   Apprenticeship Act

A 4th year student of W.B.N.U.J.S, Kolkata

Given the large human resource availability within the country, the government has set up a comprehensive regulation system in order to prevent its exploitation. These laws essentially govern terms of employment and conditions of work of laborers....

By Rachana Rautray July 29, 2016
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EEOC v. Wyoming ,   Article 15 of the Constitution of India ,   Schmitzer v. Bundesministerinfür Inneres ,   State of Uttar Pradesh v. Dayanand Chakrawarty AIR 2013 SC 3066 ,   Air India v. Nergesh Meerza and Others AIR 1981 SC 1829 ,   State of Uttar Pradesh v. Dayanand Chakrawarty ,   Prem Chand Somchand Shah v. Union of India ,   ageism ,   retrenchment laws ,   DISCRIMINATION ,   Discrimination on the basis of age


Age discrimination or “Ageism” is the discrimination of a group of people because of their age. The main victims of ageism are the people belonging to the age group of fifty years or more. Employees from this age group often do face age discrimination, but this concept has not...

By Anina D'cunha July 27, 2016
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Labor Law Reforms ,   Labor Laws ,   Gujarat ,   flexible laws ,   Industrial Disputes Act ,   1947 ,   IDA ,   100 employees limit ,   pro-worker legislation harming workers ,   social security schemes ,   change the regulatory mechanism

By Ayushi Singhal,

3rd Year, WBNUJS, Kolkata


After the recent clean sweep victory of the right wing party in the elections of the largest democracy in the world, the talk for reforms in the Labour Laws of India (which are more than 250 in number) has begun again. Reforms like...

By Ayushi Singhal July 27, 2016
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sexual harassment ,   devendra fadnavis ,   women's safety ,   factories act ,   BPO ,   Section 66(b) of the Factories Act ,   amendment to the factories act

Feminists, as often misconstrued, do not want women to be given a higher pedestal than men. They advocate for equal rights for both the sexes. The recent amendment to the Factories Act 1948 would give them a reason to rejoice. Maharashtra, the third largest state in India, recently brought an...

By Shreya Mishra July 26, 2016