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recovering outstanding rent

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dear sir, I am the owner of land which holds 5 shops and it has been rented for some persons. the tenant went to the court in 2001 and holds injunction order. till date from 2001 there is no rent given for us. following are my questions, 1. what is injunction order and how to break it. 2. how should I make him out of shop? 3. how to get rents till date? the advocate we placed against him, is always saying silly reasons whenever we ask like what is the status. I doubt that he is not doing favour for us but standing in our side. please help me to get my property back from those heartless crocodiles.

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Dear Sir/Madam, as per question/query, i can understand your point of query and critical situation. You don't worry, you have good case on merit but you have to follow the due process of law. The tenants have filed the case for not dispossession from the schedule premises without due process of law, you should contest the said cases by denied their allegations on you. You have to file the suit for eviction/ejectment before the jurisdictional civil court against the said tenants by quoting their irregularies payment of rents, and you have to establish bonafide reason to use the said property/shops for own use.... if you want more advice in this regard, kindly send all the details to me, I will advice it. ... by Chandrashekhar Vithal Jadhav, Advocate & Legal Consultant, Bangalore.

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Dear Sir/Madam, you have to strongly contest by denied the tenants allegations on you, you have to file suit for eviction or ejectment before the jurisdictional civil court against the said Tenants it is the due process of law. You have to establish jural relationship between the landlord and tenant as well as bonafide reason for own use for your business or anything for yourself to use the said shops.

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