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Income Tax ,   Income Tax Return ,   Return Preparation Utility software

By Ravi Raj

Income tax filing is one of the most common financial activities that all businesses & individuals practice every year. Traditionally, businesses consult a Chartered Accountant(CA), but over the years the existing process has changed. The rise of technology in governance has made...

By Lawfarm Team December 30, 2021
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Income Tax Act ,   Tax deducted at source ,   Section 194Q ,   Tax Collected at Source ,   TDS ,   TCS

The Finance Act, 2021 brought in several important amendments in the Income Tax, 1961. One such amendment was the inclusion of Section 194Q in the Act which governs Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on purchase of goods. The Section came into effect on July 1, 2021. It has a few significant...

By Team July 12, 2021
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Income Tax Laws ,   Income Tax in India

The interim budget got announced in January by Finance Minister Piyush Goyal had seem to have bought series of changes in Tax Rules. The changes can be seen from a full rebate on personal income up to 5 lakh in a year to a 25% hike in standard deduction threshold.

He was quoted saying, “This is...

By Latest Laws June 21, 2021
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Taxation Law ,   Corporate Law ,   E-filing ,   Accounting Law

ByNevin Clinton, Team,

The Income Tax Department announced through a statement a few days back that a new e-filing portal ( will be launched on June 7.The new portal replaces the existing one ( and the IT department has...

By Team June 10, 2021
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Corporate law ,   Tax Law ,   Accounting Law ,   Audit ,   Companies Act 2013

BySimran Kaur, Team,

When one thinks of the word Audit, they imagine agents or officials arriving unannounced with calculators in hand ready to go through boxes of invoices, receipts, and notes, well that's certainly is one type of audit but it's not the only kind. Most of...

By Team June 07, 2021
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Tax law ,   Income tax ,   NRI ,   Non Resident Indians ,   liable to tax ,   deemed residence

By: Adil Zawahir, Team,

India has a huge number of NRIs or Non-Resident Indians living outside of India- what could the recent set ofamendments in income tax law mean to them. Read on to know more.

From the 1st of April, more than 100 amendments to the Finance Bill, 2021,...

By Team May 14, 2021

GST Login ,   GST Registration Online ,   GST ,   Portal

With the introduction of Goods & Service Tax in India (GST), several businesses have come under the tax bracket. With a huge number of GST registered persons/ businesses in the country, the introduction of the GST portal right from the beginning of the GST era has proven to be useful for all...

By Kanakkupillai Ca March 26, 2021