Lawfarm is a legal portal for all your law-related needs! We provide a one-stop platform for you to ask, answer, discuss legal questions, we match lawyers and clients using our unique matching service, and from time to time, we even post legal updates and news for those of you who can’t get enough of law-related newsbytes!

Only registered users on Lawfarm are able to use our lawyer-client matching service. Clients post their case on our platform and our registered lawyers, upon viewing these cases, may decide to purchase the client’s job. Any further engagement with the client will take place separately.

Lawfarm also has its very own lawyer directory system where lawyers’ profiles are populated and curated with Lawfarm’s very own scoring system. The more our lawyers are active on Lawfarm and the more they build your profile on our lawyers’ directory, the higher their score and the more visible they are to the public. This can go a long way in helping clients decide who to choose or engage for their legal matters, or for lawyers, this can help increase your exposure and general visibility on the internet.

Lawfarm’s directory feature is free for browsing for all members of the public. We do charge a small fee, but this is applicable to the lawyers on our directory only.

Our registered lawyers get exclusive access to all cases posted on Lawfarm by members of the public. Through Lawfarm, this may even lead to a formal engagement by the client! Registered lawyers also get to answer questions posed by members of the public to gain points. If you are a registered lawyer, you can be sure to get more exposure through Lawfarm than if you choose to remain anonymous.

If you are not registered with us, you may only access the free content offered by our platform, such as some of our legal news and updates. You will not be able to search for potential clients, be engaged through the client users on our website. You may still answer queries, but you would not be able to enjoy the increased exposure and goodwill as your answers will remain anonymous.

As for registered non-lawyer users, you will be able to post your case(s) on Lawfarm for viewing by our registered lawyers, and subsequently be contacted for potential engagements. You will also be able to post queries/answers on our Q&A board and as a registered member, you will have a much easier time sorting through your queries. However, you will not be able to find/choose lawyers without being a registered user. If you are not registered with us, you may only access the free content offered by our platform, such as some of our legal news and updates, and post questions anonymously. You will not be able to post cases to try and search for legal representation.

At Lawfarm, we are committed to providing the best sets of lawyers for our client members and to answer any online legal queries in bite-sized responses. This means that we must verify that our lawyer members are, first and foremost, registered lawyers in their respective states.

Lawfarm is not a law firm and we do not provide legal services. The responses provided to the law-related queries are deliberately bite-sized for easy comprehension and are in no means a full opinion. These should not be taken as absolute and the lawyers posting these responses are only doing so out of goodwill and to provide general public legal assistance. Please note that this does not create a client-lawyer relationship.

Lawfarm’s lawyer-client matching service is not a referral service. Instead, registered users merely post their cases on our platform for lawyers to consider taking up. If our registered lawyers are interested, their engagement will be formalized separately. We are not notified of any engagement that subsequently takes place, nor do we take a commission off the legal fees for any such engagement.

By using such a service, the lawyers on our platform also do not advertise nor solicit business from potential clients. In fact, what is unique about Lawfarm is that clients themselves post their cases or queries on our platform in order for lawyers to evaluate and consider whether to assist the client in question. Ultimately, the client determines who he/she wishes to engage as his/her lawyer.

For more information, please see our terms and conditions

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